Is rye bread healthy?

Is rye bread healthy? Yes, rye bread contributes to overall health. Rye bread is naturally not seen as the healthy substitute for white bread. Rye bread is rich in useful fiber, minerals and vitamins. Rye bread can contribute to weight loss and the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases Rye bread is full of fibers … Continue reading "Is rye bread healthy?"

To avoid: men with beard

There has been a time when men with beards were ‘in’. In the sixties, when the flower power inspired the youth, men with beards were the ‘hippest’ thing in the world. Was it not logical that they looked like Jesus, the man who propagated the idea of ??love? Well-known look-a-likes from that time: John Lennon, … Continue reading "To avoid: men with beard"

How to prevent nail fungus

Think of time and time yellow nail is nothing to worry about? Not so fast. About 50% of all nail discoloration caused by fungi (also known as onychomycosis), which is quite difficult to treat-may be especially if it slams your thoughts about the last dozen or so doctor’s appointments. And if you have a compromised … Continue reading "How to prevent nail fungus"