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Biotin for Hair Growth

Let’s talk about that fabled ingredient for massive hair growth, biotin. Biotin is a bit of a confusing vitamin. Its other name is Vitamin H, but it’s also referred to as Vitamin B7. Confused yet? I sure was when I first looked into biotin and what it can do for your hair. There’s no reasonRead More


Health Benefits of Sports for Kids

Today, children spend more time than ever indoors, not doing much physical activity at all. Instead, they listen to music or play video games. This is good for a child’s mind, but it needs to be properly balanced with physical activity in order to prevent detrimental effects on their health. Today, more children than everRead More

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Possibly Unnecessary Vitamin Supplements

It is true that the body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to function properly and stay in its healthiest condition, but so much of those nutrients can be received through food alone in a healthy diet that certain supplements may not be necessary to take on a regular basis. For people with restrictedRead More

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5 Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan Tips

Fast weight loss diet plan claims for weight loss in short span of time but only when you follow it on regular basis. These healthy weight loss diets help you in losing weight in a healthy way. Besides facilitating you in quick weight loss these diet plans have an adverse effect on health. The majorRead More

Beard Growth

Why Black Seed Oil Is Rocket Fuel For Hair Growth?

Everybody wants to have beautiful hair. Beautiful hair is more than just having shiny hair of the best type for you.It basically means having healthy hair that is strong enough and doesn’t have any split ends. People are very upset because most of them are unable to find the best shampoo that suits their hairRead More

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5 Nutrition Rules in the Autumn Season

With the coming of autumn, our bodies tend to accumulate fat reserves, so we usually begin to eat a bit more than usual. How to eat at this time of year without harming your Let’s try to figure it out. More berries, vegetables, and fruits Berries, fresh or frozen, contain many useful substances that canRead More

Beard Growth

Hair Weathering as a Cause of Hair Loss

Hair weathering is a common hair problem, usually a minor cause of hair loss that is defined by severe damage in the hair. Like the skin, the term “weathering” may refer to the structural damage that affects the hair shaft but not the hair follicle (root). This damage may be local, focal or extensive. StructuralRead More

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Make Superfood Smoothie

Superfood smoothies are the best and easiest way to consume superfood. To make a superfood smoothie you naturally need superfoods and a good blender. Have you never made a super food smoothie before? Then we will help you! On our website we often talk about a superfood smoothie and a super food shake, this meansRead More