Natural Brain Boosters – Does Brain Enhancement Supplements Work?

The trend of smart drugs is getting rage these days, as a result of scientific research and innovation. Nowadays folks are equally concerned about their mental capabilities as they are about their physical abilities.

NooCube is also a perfect example of a Nootropic (Brain Supplements), which provides an enhanced efficiency of cognitive capabilities along with physical health benefits. It assists the brain to have

  • Neurological development
  • Cerebral growth
  • Mental enhancement



It is composed of the following ingredients:

Oat Straw 10:1 (150mg)

Magnesium Stearate

AC-11 Cat’s Claw (175mg)

L-Tyrosine (250mg)

Alpha GPC (50mg)

Huperzine-A (100mcg)

Bacopa Monnieri (250mg)

L-Theanine (100mg)

Vinpocetine (2.5mg)

Pterostilbene (14mcg)

  1. Alpha GPC:

It is a very important component, which enhances acetylcholine level in the brain, thus, performs vital functions in the body, such as:

It accelerates the neurotransmission among the brain cells to encourage quick and rapid communication, along with memory repossession.

  1. AC-11 Cat’s Claw:

This ingredient is vital to neuroprotection services. Its wide range of functions are as follows:

. It offers neuroprotective

. It is perfectly suitable for the benefits of antioxidants.

. It strengthens the DNA repairing process.

. It ensures the brain health

  1. Oat Straw:

It is a very significant element using for centuries in boosting mental activities. It generates 2 extra Alpha rays, to make the mood more focused d alert. Its key roles include the following features:

It strengthens the feeling of alertness

It controls the artery inflammation

It pumps more blood into the brain

It helps the brain to deal with depression and stress

It also helps the brain to operate happily

  1. Huperzine:

Actually, it is an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor. It tends to break down the neurotransmitter. It performs various functions like:

Prevention of acetylcholine from breaking down.

Enhance learning process.

Increase mental clarity, concentration and make the person more focused and vigilant.

  1. Bacopa Monnieri:

It contains Bacosides, which is specifically used for multiple reasons, such as:

It promotes the growth of nerves

It tends to cure the damaging nerves with the help of the repairing process.

It boosts the Neuro-communication process.

  1. L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine:

These are natural ingredients and can also be located in green tea. Both these act as stimulators in the body for neurotransmitters.

It is used for a wide range of purposes like:

It accelerates the cognition and memory process.

It enhances the focus and attention in critical and stressed situations.

How to Use NooCube?

The recommended dosage of this capsule is 2 pills per day, one in the morning while the second in the evening.

However, one can enhance its dosage to 4 pills per day. But not more than that.


This supplement ensures the proper synthesis of acetylcholine.

It also controls the ratio of acetylcholine in the brain.

It also arouses and encourages the serotonergic and dopaminergic mechanisms.

After eating one capsule, within 30 minutes, the results are going to be apparent and evident. Moreover, its splendid results include:

High mental speed and exactitude

A great boost to memory

Increased and improved focus


These are not suitable for pregnant ladies.

Children under 18 should avoid its usage.

Those who are suffering from other chronic diseases shouldn’t use such supplements, without consulting their doctor.

Initially start with a single capsule in order to find out its compatibility with your body and once you are sure and satisfy with it, then go for the high dosage and continuous use.

In order to yield perfect and reliable results, you have to make some significant changes and adjustments in your lifestyle like:

Ample sleeping duration of brain rest.

For the active mind operation, the body should also be active and equally responsive. So indulge your body in healthy activities like exercise and sports etc.

Eat healthy food like fishes, almonds, vegetables, etc.


NooCube doesn’t contain any sort of caffeine.

Its manufacturing and ingredients are medically proven.

It empowers the brain and mental process.

It is a great stress-reliever supplement.

It is suitable for all people, irrespective of their different brain and personality chemistry.

One can feel an immediate and sudden positive impact after the usage of 30 to 45 minutes.

It also tends to slow down the brain’s aging process.

It’s prone to facilitate the users with a quick and active response.

To some extent, it provides protection against degenerative disease.

It improves the ability to multi-tasking.

It facilitates the user to have a more efficient and effective system of:

Complex brain function

Cognitive function

Enhanced energy

Better Focus

Better clarity


It consumes a great deal of time to show the final productive outcomes.

The continuous positive results require a constant intake of the capsule, as this supplement doesn’t possess long-term results. Thus, it can be injurious to health.

Excessive intake of the NooCube can bring dire consequences to health.

The required dosage is not provided in the supplement.

It may cause various disorders like


High blood pressure

Digestive problems



Stomach aches




To conclude, unquestionably, neuroscientists have blessed the masses with something extraordinary and fabulous, which will help them a lot.

NooCube is a very splendid, outstanding, and amazing pill, which helps people by enhancing their mental competencies.

Its advantages have outweighed its side effects. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle will double its significance and advantages. Moreover, its stress relieving and quick response characteristic is like the icing on the cake. But the users should also take into account the other factors while using this supplement.

It shouldn’t be used for negative or destructive purposes. And instead of playing games and tricks, this supplement should be used for the humanitarian assistance and well-being of mankind.

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10 Best Practices When Working With Weight Loss Clients

Some advice on things to consider when working with your weight loss clients.

  1. Smart exercise prescription.

The goal of weight loss is not absolute weight loss. A person who loses 50lb running and 50lb weight lifting looks entirely different. The goal should be fat reduction and increasing lean muscle mass. The best way to do this is to be on a strength program like Starting Strength, Wendler, or a program that correlates with what level they are on. Make sure they are getting stronger!

work with weight loss

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  1. Have client weight themselves every morning

Research shows that people who weigh themselves every day lose more weight. One thing to watch out for is being obsessed with the scale. It is your job not to let them get to that point. Let them know that a person’s water weight fluctuates daily and to expect for it to go up and down and that you are more concerned with the overall picture of all the measurements over time.

  1. Respond to food logs multiple times a week.

Clients need to know you are reading their food logs and keeping them accountable. They should be submitting a food log daily or weekly. Don’t overlook this because it sounds tedious. This is important because it’s your best tool in dietary compliance.

  1. Find motivation.

Every person who wants to lose weight has their motivation. For example, I have a client who has 2 kids in grade school. Last year when on vacation she wasn’t able to hike with the family. Fast forward to this year, at 5’2 she has gone from 188 to 135 pounds. This year she was able to participate in all the family activities. Her motivation was her kids so every once in a while I would remind her why she was doing this. Find your client’s motivation and remind them of it because it was to lose sight of that in the daily grind.

  1. Don’t expect perfection.

Changing a person’s lifestyle choices is a long process. Expecting to have everything dialed in from day 1 can add even more stress to the process. If they mess up don’t chastise them. But also, find that balance between too lenient.

  1. Be a source of motivation.

This should go without saying, but when a person looks at you they should think I want to be like that. When was the last time you weren’t to a dentist with bad teeth?

  1. Be fastidious about measurements.

We are in a results-driven business. People pay for a service to help them make changes in their life. One of the best ways we have to show them that what they are doing is working is to track progress. We recommend the following:

Before starting – Weight, BF%, circumference measurements, pictures (front, side, back), resting heart rate, BMI, blood pressure, and if they are willing blood tests.

Weekly –  Weight

Monthly – Weight, Pictures, Circumference measurements, BF%

Finished program – All measurements again

  1. Record weight weekly.

Have a weigh-in weekly. It’s a simple way to track progress on a micro-scale and adds another level of accountability to progress.

  1. Friends, Family, and coworkers.

Make sure that the client has their friends and family involved. These are the people who they go out with, socialize, and eat. If they know that your client has goals they will help them accomplish them.

  1. Give them everything.

Seriously. Your clients validate your profession. Be there whenever they need you. Be dedicated to their cause. Your client’s success goes hand in hand with yours.

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