10 Best Practices When Working With Weight Loss Clients

Some advice on things to consider when working with your weight loss clients.

  1. Smart exercise prescription.

The goal of weight loss is not absolute weight loss. A person who loses 50lb running and 50lb weight lifting looks entirely different. The goal should be fat reduction and increasing lean muscle mass. The best way to do this is to be on a strength program like Starting Strength, Wendler, or a program that correlates with what level they are on. Make sure they are getting stronger!

work with weight loss

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  1. Have client weight themselves every morning

Research shows that people who weigh themselves every day lose more weight. One thing to watch out for is being obsessed with the scale. It is your job not to let them get to that point. Let them know that a person’s water weight fluctuates daily and to expect for it to go up and down and that you are more concerned with the overall picture of all the measurements over time.

  1. Respond to food logs multiple times a week.

Clients need to know you are reading their food logs and keeping them accountable. They should be submitting a food log daily or weekly. Don’t overlook this because it sounds tedious. This is important because it’s your best tool in dietary compliance.

  1. Find motivation.

Every person who wants to lose weight has their motivation. For example, I have a client who has 2 kids in grade school. Last year when on vacation she wasn’t able to hike with the family. Fast forward to this year, at 5’2 she has gone from 188 to 135 pounds. This year she was able to participate in all the family activities. Her motivation was her kids so every once in a while I would remind her why she was doing this. Find your client’s motivation and remind them of it because it was to lose sight of that in the daily grind.

  1. Don’t expect perfection.

Changing a person’s lifestyle choices is a long process. Expecting to have everything dialed in from day 1 can add even more stress to the process. If they mess up don’t chastise them. But also, find that balance between too lenient.

  1. Be a source of motivation.

This should go without saying, but when a person looks at you they should think I want to be like that. When was the last time you weren’t to a dentist with bad teeth?

  1. Be fastidious about measurements.

We are in a results-driven business. People pay for a service to help them make changes in their life. One of the best ways we have to show them that what they are doing is working is to track progress. We recommend the following:

Before starting – Weight, BF%, circumference measurements, pictures (front, side, back), resting heart rate, BMI, blood pressure, and if they are willing blood tests.

Weekly –  Weight

Monthly – Weight, Pictures, Circumference measurements, BF%

Finished program – All measurements again

  1. Record weight weekly.

Have a weigh-in weekly. It’s a simple way to track progress on a micro-scale and adds another level of accountability to progress.

  1. Friends, Family, and coworkers.

Make sure that the client has their friends and family involved. These are the people who they go out with, socialize, and eat. If they know that your client has goals they will help them accomplish them.

  1. Give them everything.

Seriously. Your clients validate your profession. Be there whenever they need you. Be dedicated to their cause. Your client’s success goes hand in hand with yours.

how to make superfood smoothie?

Is rye bread healthy?

Is rye bread healthy? Yes, rye bread contributes to overall health. Rye bread is naturally not seen as the healthy substitute for white bread. Rye bread is rich in useful fiber, minerals and vitamins. Rye bread can contribute to weight loss and the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Rye bread is full of fibers that contribute to health and weight loss

Fibers are essential parts of a healthy diet. Following a diet rich in fiber keeps the digestive system healthy. Fibers bind to toxins in the colon and remove them from the system. It has also been shown that diets rich in fiber promote weight loss. In addition, researchers have found that eating rye bread leads to lower body weight than eating wheat bread. Other studies have shown that rye bread gives you a feeling of satisfaction for a long time. This will make you less likely to eat unhealthy snacks during the day. Furthermore, rye bread contains four times more fiber and fewer calories than standard white bread.

Rye bread also helps to prevent gallstones. Eating foods with a high content of insoluble fiber, such as rye bread, can help to prevent gallstones.

Preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Rye bread can also help to prevent diabetes and heart disease. The high amount of magnesium in the rye bread can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it is advisable for those who have diabetes to opt for rye bread instead of wheat bread, because rye bread causes a lower insulin response.

Rye bread also reduces the risk of inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to many diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Diets rich in fiber therefore also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more about why other foods are also good for the heart: Dates , Olives , Oranges andStrawberries .

Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in rye bread

Rye bread is full of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. In addition, rye bread is very rich in manganese, with a serving of 72 percent of the recommended daily value.

Furthermore, rye bread is rich in phosphorus, copper, pantothenic acid (B5), and magnesium. Rye bread contains powerful antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and other diseases. In addition, it contains vegetable lignans, which are phytonutrients that will protect you against breast cancer and heart disease.

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Rye bread has a cholesterol-lowering effect

The effect of rye bread on the reduction of cholesterol was tested in several studies, which showed that the inclusion of rye bread in the daily diet is an effective method to lower cholesterol levels. The study concluded that a high-fiber diet lowers cholesterol levels. Read more about why other foods are also good for reducing cholesterol levels: Olives , Avocados and Oranges .

3 Awesome Tips To Lose Weight Without Difficulty

Do you wish to slim down without difficulty? It sounds too good to be real, but it’s simple. Discover 3 effective suggestions to make weight-loss easy.

” Food is fuel, NOT treatment.”

Reduce weight without effort is possible? Yes. In fact – losing weight is not the best method to reduce weight as far as I am worried. Due to the fact that attaining your objectives with less effort frees up more energy for other things. Like knitting sweaters and baking cakes.

Okay – possibly not baking cakes. Yet. Putting more effort into losing weight is not constantly the most effective technique. Below I show you how you can reduce weight without difficulty. Admittedly, it is not as fast as you would like. But it practically goes without saying. And that’s worth something too.

1. Perform a micro-upgrade

Slimming down without effort starts with easily tackling your diet.
We make modifications that are so little that they cost essentially no effort. As a result, you circumvent the resistance and you do not even notice that something has actually changed – except for the number on the scale.

How do we manage this?
Let me take an example. Think of that you drink your coffee with a swelling of sugar. You drink 3 bakkies a day, which totals up to 60 calories of sweet coffee each day.

That is practically 22,000 calories a year – even if you want to drink your coffee a little sweeter! Madhouse.
Specifically when you think about that every kilogram of body fat according to the Nutrition Center consists of more than 7,000 calories. In other words, you might potentially consume more than 3 kg of body fat – every year! Since you enjoy something sweeter coffee!! Like I said. Gekkenhuis.

Is not that worth it for you?
No. If you wish to slim down then these are the clear places where you can erase. However the art is not because you erase it, but how you delete it.

Since you want to drop weight without difficulty. Drinking dirty coffee is difficult. So you wish to put in the time to obtain utilized to it. Choose that you will erase this sweet practice from your life. And pull out a minimum of 2 weeks. Beginning today, you will lower a bit every day. A sugar cube is on average 4 grams. Today you can sweeten your coffee with 3.7 grams. And tomorrow with 3.4 grams. Therefore you draw 0.3 grams every day. Until you finally do not need sugar anymore.

If you find yourself going too quickly, take a break. Stay with your existing dose for a couple of days (for example a half swelling). It is not about speed – it is especially essential that you get used to the new taste. As quickly as you are utilized to the taste of coffee without sugar, you make a crucial choice: from now on, I always consume my coffee without sugar (see also tip 3).

Ready! Effortlessly conserved 22,000 calories for the coming year.
You can naturally do this in many more locations in your life. Focus specifically on the little day-to-day practices. Modification gradually so that you can get used to your new life. It might take a bit more time now, but you will be redeemed for the rest of your life.

From coffee with cow’s milk to black coffee (at 3 cups a day this saves 55,000 calories).

Instead of a glass of soda consume a glass of water or sugar totally free iced tea (conserves 33,000 calories).

Instead of two Bastogne cakes eat an apple (saves 10,000 calories).

Do not consume a bottle of beer every day however carbonated water (conserves practically 50,000 calories or nearly 7 kg of potential body fat! ).

Carry out micro-upgrades in your diet. Do it slowly and one by one. This will hardly cost you any effort, but the impact will increase whenever you last longer.

If you introduce all of the above examples, you will conserve 170,000 calories every year from nonsensical thickening. And of course you will not unexpectedly lose 24 kg of fat in a year. However it will certainly offer you a helping hand.

And each assistance is consisted of in the weight reduction. Definitely if the assistance barely cost effort.

2. Get rid of the Christmas lights from the burdock

Why do you eat scrap? If you are like the majority of people, you eat because of feelings.
You eat and drink soothing foods to keep your feelings in balance. From sadness, delight, boredom or since you have become addicted to the stimuli in your brain. There is one method to lose weight without needing to consume. Which is by presenting meditation into your life.

The nice thing is that this routine helps you to decrease unpleasant emotions, so you have less need for junk food. You will likewise notice that you enter contact with your body more. Makings you feel more clearly when you are complete, and what nutrition does to your body. Healthy food feels excellent, junk does not feel right.

Do you feel resistance? Great – meditate a little shorter. Does it feel excellent? Then practice meditation a little bit longer.

3. Tame the troll in your head

There is more to your head than just a bunch of Christmas lights. There is also a giant in it. And the only thing that wants that giant is eating junk – the precise reverse of what you want.

The giant in your head is that voice that convinces you that there is no damage in getting a second breeze as soon as. The voice that says: “but you also deserved it, because it was a very tough day at work.”

You can go after the troll back into its cave by making life simple for yourself: Set rules!

How does that work? Simple. In early 2016 I established a guideline for myself:

I do not eat dead animals.

In addition to my earlier rule: I do not eat live animals.

Because I have actually set that rule, I have actually not eaten meat or fish. And it was not so tough at all.
Think about a tactical rule that you can set to make reducing weight possible without difficulty. Some examples:
I just drink alcohol in business throughout the weekend.

I do not eat refined sugar, except for a piece of cake on birthdays.

I eat fruit every day.

I do not drink soft drinks.

I do not utilize animal items. Etc

Select a guideline and set it up. Do you bypass the rule? Do not listen to your troll who says things like:

” You see, you broke your very own foolish rule. So now it does not make any sense any longer. “

” You broke your guideline yesterday and absolutely nothing bad took place, so you can do it today.”

If I get a menu in front of me, then I do not need to negotiate with myself. There is no discussion of “will I purchase kipsaté today? I do not wish to eat excessive meat, but it’s nice to consume satay now. For this one time then! ”
No. I do not eat dead animals. And I do not drive through red. Simple. So I order a dish without dead animals. And I wait up until the light goes green. Easy sat. So – pick a guideline that assists you to slim down without difficulty.

That are your mistakes? At what times does your giant try to persuade you?

These are a few of my rules:

I do not eat dead animals. This rule saves me a great deal of fat and calories on a yearly basis, plus all the other benefits that I experience.

I do not eat refined sugar, with the exception of celebrations or other social events where it is impractical or unkind not to consume it. This guideline avoids cookies from the community grocery store that we eat on the sofa and pieces of cake in coffee bar.

I do not utilize animal products at home. This avoids eating cheese and eggs on a daily basis – which challenges me to consume more vegetables and saves me a great deal of hydrogenated fat and cholesterol.

Select one line that works well for you, and maintain it from today.

Do not be afraid. The worry you feel is the voice of your giant. That giant ought to not believe that he ought to never consume chicken satay once again. That is his problem. Peanut sauce likewise works fine over tofu – truly real.

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