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Folexin Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets Review

The Folexin Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets are perfectly suited as a hair and scalp treatment for all types of hair and most importantly, they are 100% natural. If you are a man or indeed a woman who has hair loss or hair thinning in certain areas then I want you to know that help is at hand.

If natural supplements have worked for you in the past then I urge you to give Folexin strength hair nutrient tablets a try.

Why Should You Give Folexin Tablets a Go:

  • Rated as the #1 best selling hair supplement in the world which gives it a lot of credibility in the hair regrowth industry.
  • It has been released in 25 countries and there have been positive results in each country.
  • Folexin tablets contains the AminoMar C Marine Complex which is exclusive to the brand and promotes not only the growth of existing hair but also enriches thinning hair to give it that jump start that it needs to begin reversing the process.
  • The whole supplement is strengthened with a high dose of Vitamin C from the Acerola Cherry which is purportedly one of the best sources of the vitamin available.

Folexin Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets Review

As with any hair regrowth supplement, people are going to be naturally skeptical of its actual effectiveness and whether or not it will work for them.

Other people will buy the product and not give it enough time to do its thing. They may find that they try it for a few weeks and then throw the product in the bin because it wasn’t working. Three weeks later they might start to see results and then obviously regret their previous actions.

Does Folexin Tablets Actually Work?

The general consensus is that yes, Folexin tablets do work if you give it some time. Most people seem to see small results after 2 to 3 weeks of taking 2 tablets a day.

Having said that, the instruction booklet does state that you should give it at least 2 months and another 4 months on top of that to see the best results – but there is a fair chance you will see results sooner.

Furthermore, the positive results that you see will give you more than enough motivation to keep going with the treatment, as I realize that it can be an expensive option for some people.

In this 60 tablet pack you have enough for a month so you should really stick with the course until you have run out of tablets in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

Folexin tablets are particularly effective for people with naturally dry hair or for people who have trouble with weak nails and cuticles. Of course this would make sense because hair and nails are made from the same material, keratin.

It is also the perfect answer to thinning eyebrows and eyelashes too.

Results will vary

It is important as with anything in life that you actually follow the instructions. That means taking one tablet in the morning and another one at night.

Avoid breaking with your routine for at least 6 months if you want to see great results.

Admittedly it will not work as well for everyone. In some people it will merely halt the rate of hair loss but conversely this seems to be enough to satisfy them.

What Are Others Saying About Folexin Tablets?

L Robbins from Chattanooga, TN USA, used to lose hair in the shower at such a rate that it was clogging the drains up.

After only three weeks of consistent use their hair stopped falling out and now it is growing back to its former glory. One of the only downsides to the supplement was the fact that it was now making the hair much oilier.

This is a common complaint of many people using this treatment, but to be honest they are happy to put up with it in order to have their hair back.

The hair loss was made worse after child birth but luckily Folexin tablets had finally slowed the rate of hair loss. While it hasn’t been a true solution for this woman, she has not taken the full course yet and at least the hair has stopped falling out. Remember, this is the first step for many.

Some other people also commented that these supplements don’t encourage hair to grow where you don’t want it to grow, which is a very convenient feature to have!


Folexin Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets are very effective in reversing the damaging process of hair loss and hair thinning. Initially you may be put off by the price (just under $40) but then again you have to ask yourself what price you are willing to put on a healthy head of hair.

The fact that it is a 100% natural solution will interest a lot of people as we all know that some of the other hair regrowth solutions on the market have more synthetic ingredients and as a result, some unwanted side effects.

Apart from the very low chance of an allergic reaction the only other side effect you may experience with Folexin tablets is oilier than normal hair, but that does not seem like a major problem to factor in.

This is especially true if your hair is coming back because the oily hair is in some cases likely to be a symptom of just having more hair rather than being caused by the supplement itself.