Beard Growth

To avoid: men with beard

There has been a time when men with beards were ‘in’. In the sixties, when the flower power inspired the youth, men with beards were the ‘hippest’ thing in the world. Was it not logical that they looked like Jesus, the man who propagated the idea of ??love? Well-known look-a-likes from that time: John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia. please click the next web page…


That time has long been behind us. Men with beards can not be trusted, Mien thinks with the handbag now. They hide something. They have a hidden agenda. It is better to avoid them to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The evidences

There are plenty of figures from recent world history that underline the negative character of beard man: Fidel Castro and his companion Che Guevara, Lenin, Yasser Arafat, Ayatolla Khomeini: they are identified with evil.

Since the Muslim terrorism has kept the world under its spell, men with beards are still more under threat. Anyone who dares to let his kingess stand is suspected of having things in his head that do not bear the light of day. Kroop Saddam Hussein, the devil in person, after all not from his hideout with a grubby beard, had Karadzic not given himself a beard to hide under a new personality?

Is there any truth in the old song ‘All who want to sail, are men with beards’? (1)


On the other hand: traditional Jews also bear beards: what do they have to hide? And what about the long beard of children’s friends like Sint-Nicolaas and Santa Claus? Or is that suspicious again since Marc Dutroux Belgium turned upside down? It is also striking that Dutroux had a beard grow in prison. Another reason: to hide from reality? Fear of the world around him?

God is always represented with a beard, just like his son. Suspicious individuals? In ancient Greece philosophers wore a beard. It points in the direction of thoughtfulness and wisdom. Now, by the way, older men with a gray beard are treated with awe. Wrongly?

Intellectuals also like to carry a beard: Umberto Eco, Luciano Paverotti, Salman Rushdie, Louis Michel, Alan Ginsberg, Sean Connery and Michael Moore. What is their secret garden, can you wonder?

What drives them?

Men with beards want to distinguish themselves from others. That starts in puberty when they wait impatiently for the first chin hairs to leave them proudly. The adolescent who shows off a fluffy beard feels like a man and will gain more self-confidence.

Psychological research showed that men with beards are more masculine, mature, self-aware and more dominant. Oh, oh, is that possible? And some women find men with a beard pretty cute. Actor Sean Connery is more popular than ever with the women’s population.

And yet the majority of the opposite sex prefer a man without a beard, although she has to admit that a man with stubbly beard is good. Where is the logic?

The modern man chooses eggs for his money

In any case, today’s men have made the woman’s aversion to the beard good: not only the beard is taboo today, but also the chest hair and the pubic hair, and a short shaved head is clearly preferred. Will the women take over the command completely soon?

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